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How Does an Author Get Ahead in Such a Competitive Industry?

    Investing quality time and resources to work with a professional editor will give you a head start on achieving your publishing goals.

A good editor will not simply correct spelling and grammatical errors, but will offer constructive suggestions to help an author write a narrative that captures the reader’s attention from the start and  retains it until the final period.  Silver Moon Editing’s® mission is to help you by Retaining Your Voice & Refining Your Prose®.  I will work cooperatively with clients to refine their manuscripts and produce final products that retain the author’s voice, original message, and intent. See How I Can Help

Why Choose Silver Moon Editing®?

Laurie Eby, Professional Freelance Editor and Owner of Silver Moon Editing®,
provides a full range of editing services designed to help authors, businesses, and organizations

develop, enhance, and polish their manuscripts and professional documents.
Services include copyediting, substantive/line editing,  developmental editing, proofreading, and indexing, as well as
creating book and series bibles, and offering manuscript critiques. Learn more.

Fiction Manuscripts

Because Laurie immerses herself in the characters and stories she edits in such a profound, creative, and purposeful manner, authors of fictional manuscripts benefit from her attention to detail, perceptive judgment of word usage, and from the insightful feedback she provides when completing substantive and developmental edits and manuscript critiques.  Laurie will work with you to develop and refine your manuscript until you have a final draft that is ready for the next step in your publishing process. Laurie works with authors writing in a variety of genres and subgenres. Learn more about the full range of editing services available.

Business & Personal Documents and
Nonfiction Manuscripts

Clients seeking editing services for their business and personal documents will benefit from Laurie's professional expertise and experience. For nearly three decades she has written and edited a wide variety of documents for businesses, government entities, charitable/nonprofit organizations, and for individuals. Examples of documents include nonfiction book manuscripts, business correspondence, strategic plans, contracts, public policy analyses, governmental reports, human resource management policies, instruction manuals, press releases, marketing materials, direct mail pieces, fund-raising solicitations, newsletters, flyers, brochures, website content, and cover letters, résumés, and professional biographies.

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