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About Me & FAQs

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Laurie Eby

Owner & Editor, Silver Moon Editing®

I. Love. To. Read. The written word is a central component to my everyday life, start to finish. I consider myself very fortunate that the medium for which I am so passionate about is not only a large part of my government career, but it also led me to establish Silver Moon Editing® and begin offering services as a freelance editor. After reading, editing, and sometimes writing policy-related material during the day, I love working at home or at a coffee shop and losing myself in a fictional world when I'm editing authors' manuscripts, or even when I'm editing nonfiction manuscripts that aren't related to that which I normally read during the day! I can edit your fiction novel just as proficiently as your nonfiction manuscript or professional documents.

While many avid readers can tell you what they do or do not like about a narrative, they may not have the skill set to help an author specifically identify what needs to be refined, altered, or further developed to produce a narrative that is written, structured, and organized in a manner that is easy to comprehend and that holds the reader’s attention. With my background in writing and editing for a variety of audiences, I'm able to provide clients with the advice and guidance they need in order to address any technical, structural, or developmental issues within their manuscripts or professional documents.

As a lifelong reader and critic of fictional novels, I enjoy assisting authors by immersing myself into the worlds, characters, and stories woven throughout their attention-grabbing, page-turning books. As an editor, I provide an impartial review of the author’s work and offer suggestions to improve and develop all components of the manuscript. I accomplish this by listening to the author’s wishes and concerns, and by finding a balance for us to work within to make the best use of time and resources. Together, we will work through the characters, scenes, and plots to determine what can be improved upon, reworked, or further developed. My purpose is to help the author create the best possible manuscript that is ready for its debut into the publishing world. 

I understand that readability is an essential component to any written work, but it is equally important to maintain  the author’s original intent, tone, voice, and message. This is why Silver Moon Editing’s® tagline reads: Retaining Your Voice & Refining Your Prose®. At the end of the editing process, the author’s voice needs to shine through—not that of the editor.

Education Credentials

  • University of Illinois, Springfield
    • M.P.A. in Public Administration
    • B.A. in Legal Studies & Legal Assistant Certificate
    • B.A. in Political Studies
  • University of Chicago–Editing Certificate
  • Editorial Freelancers Association
    • Continuing Education & Professional Development Classes

Continuing Education

In order to maintain current credentials and to keep abreast of standard practices within the editing and publishing industries, I regularly take advantage of professional  development and continuing education courses and workshops offered through the Editorial Freelancers Association and the University of Chicago Graham School.

Professional Experience

I have 30+ years of experience writing and editing documents for businesses, government entities, charitable/nonprofit organizations, and for individuals.

     Association Memberships

  • Editorial Freelancers Association
  • ACES: The Society for Editing
  • Freelancers Union
  • Romance Writers of America®

Frequently Asked Questions

Silver Moon Editing Information

I edit fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for authors or publishers and a variety of other documents for businesses, charitable and nonprofit organizations, and individuals. I also assist those seeking assistance with their résumé, cover letter, or professional biography.

I do not have an all-inclusive list of what I will or will not edit.  I edit pieces of writing I think I can make a positive contribution to.  If after reading about my services you think I would be a good match for your project, contact me so we can talk about it.  I will be honest with you if I don’t think your subject matter is something I have enough experience with, knowledge of, or interest in.  If this is the case, I’ll be glad to refer you to a colleague that may be a better match for you. 

With fiction manuscripts, I prefer to edit the following genres: Romance and Romance subgenres including Contemporary, Erotic, Fantasy, Paranormal, Military, Christian, and Western; Chick Lit, Children’s, Fantasy, Paranormal, Spirituality, Suspense, Sports, Travel, and Young Adult.

With nonfiction manuscripts, I prefer to edit the following genres: Academic, Christianity, Education, Public Policy, Politics, Law, Food and Drink, Sports and Games, Travel, and Self-Help.

Review the descriptions for the types of editing services Silver Moon Editing® provides. If you still have questions, I would be happy to review a sample of your manuscript and have a conversation with you to determine which service would best suit your needs.

The first step is for you to provide me the details of your project (title, genre, length, description, type of editing needed, etc.) If, upon review, your required deadlines work with my schedule, we can discuss details and determine if we agree I can make a positive contribution to your manuscript. If you decide to use my services, we will exchange the details needed to draft a brief service agreement specifying the services I will provide, the deadline dates we will adhere to, and the rates we have agreed upon. Once an agreement is signed and your deposit is received, I will begin editing your project according to the terms of our service agreement.

No one. Confidentiality is a priority at Silver Moon Editing®.  I value the trust you’ve placed in me to be a part of your literary work and I will make every effort to protect that confidence.

No. If you hire me, I will be the only person that reads and edits your work.

I have a Master's degree in Public Administration, two Bachelor's degrees in Political Science and Legal Studies, and a Legal Assistant Certificate, all from the University of Illinois-Springfield. Additionally, I have a Certificate in Editing from the University of Chicago, home of the University of Chicago Press which publishes the Chicago Manual of Style—the industry standard style manual used for both fiction and nonfiction works.

Overall, I have over 30 years of writing and editing experience. Each position I've held has required me to write material as well as to edit and ultimately approve for publication manuscripts written by others.

No. My goal is to help make your manuscript the best it can be. There is no way to guarantee an agent will accept your manuscript just as there is no way to guarantee what a publisher may or may not publish.

This depends on a variety of factors including what type of edit you are requesting, the level of editing required, and my current schedule.  Once you contact me with details for your project, I can provide an estimated completion time.

Full copyright ownership becomes yours once I have received the agreed upon payment in full for the editing services I provided. If full payment is not received, I will retain the copyright.

While I will make every effort to ensure that your manuscript is returned to you error-free, neither I (nor any other editor) can guarantee your manuscript will be entirely absent of errors upon completion of the editing process. Depending on the voice and tone in your manuscript, there may be appropriate times that traditional grammar or usage rules should not be applied. Sometimes, breaking the rules works better with a particular manuscript. A successful edit of any level involves multiple passes by both the editor and the author.  Additionally, if I am not allowed to review and edit any revisions that are made after I return the final edited document to the author, any errors created are beyond the scope of my responsibility and control.

Yes. I will not begin to edit your document until an agreed upon service agreement is signed and a deposit is received.

Rather than an hourly rate, which can sometimes be unfair to the client if the editing process takes longer than originally estimated, I mostly charge by the word, using a sliding scale based on the level of service your individual manuscript will require.  Your quote for services will include a 'cushion' for additional words that will be added during the editing process. Any part of the 'cushion' that is not used will be deducted from your final balance owed. I believe this is a more transparent method that serves the author well when they are trying to budget for services.

Unless you request otherwise, I will adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition.

When I need a dictionary, my first choice is Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. I also use the merriam-webster.com site which is the electronic version of the Collegiate Dictionary, but includes changes not in the print version as it is updated regularly.

Think of the custom style sheet as your own personal cheat sheet for your document. Items noted in your custom style sheet will reinforce the consistency throughout your document and include items such as formatting, punctuation rules, character details, and descriptions. The custom style sheet places all of your manuscript’s key elements in one easy-to-navigate document that helps the editor and author keep all the facts straight throughout your book.

I use both Windows 10 and Apple's Mac OS Sonoma on my MacBook Pro that I sometimes dock with a 27" Apple Thunderbolt Display. This allows me to use all Microsoft Office applications on either the Mac or Windows platform. So, I can readily accommodate your manuscript or professional report regardless of if you’re loyal to the Windows or Mac system.

Unless you request otherwise, I will use Microsoft Word. I will make edits with the Track Changes feature turned on so you can easily navigate through the document and view the edits with the ability to accept or reject the changes I have offered. If needed, I can also edit PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

After speaking with you about your project, I will provide a proposal outlining the services you would like to use and the price. Once you review the proposal, we will agree upon a deposit amount to begin the editing process, usually 30%, with the remainder due upon delivery of the final product.

Currently, options for payment include PayPal or a certified check.

Payment is due according to the schedule agreed upon and included in the service agreement. 

If I have already started your project and you decide you no longer need to use my services, I require full payment on all work completed. If you choose to cancel after placing a hold on my calendar and paying a deposit, a full refund will be given if you cancel 21 or more days from the date the project is due to begin. If you cancel less than 21 days from the date the project is due to begin, you will be refunded 50% of your deposit.

If you have paid a deposit and placed a hold on my calendar, but find that you need to change your timeline, you can elect to let me keep the deposit and we can reschedule your project start date, as long as the new date is within 60 days of the originally scheduled start date. Otherwise, the terms in the previous paragraph apply.

Email or via the contact form on my Contact Me page. I will try to respond within 24 hours.

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